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Unlock BaiduYun Speed Limit With Aria2

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Test Environment: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, Aria2 version 1.30

Enjoy Aria2 on Mac or Linux just as you enjoy Internet Download Manager on Windows.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Homebrew ( follow the instructions at Homebrew )
  2. brew install aria2
  3. Download Aria2GUI v1.3.1 release, or find newer release at Aria2GUI github page
  4. Drag the app aria2GUI to the /Applications folder
  5. git clone https://github.com/acgotaku/BaiduExporter.git
  6. Drag BaiduExporter/chrome.crx to the Chrome web page chrome://extensions
  7. Open the aria2GUI app
  8. Open BaiduYun
  9. Select one item you wanna download, in the navigation bar, near 新建文件夹, there is a new menu 导出下载, click 设置, and set your 下载路径 ( note: it needs to be an absolute path like /Users/alice/Downloads ), then apply. Click ARIA2 RPC item
  10. Bravo! You have unlocked the speed limit of BaiduYun.